Harmonic Patterns

There are more than 9 harmonic patterns that most retail traders use to do technical analysis in trading. Harmonic patterns are made by combining the natural patterns with mathematical ratios to make a profitable trading plan. 

All Harmonic Patterns Explained in detail?

The 9 major types of harmonic patterns have been explained in detail. In each chart pattern, a trading plan and trading strategy have also been discussed to make it clear for newbie traders. 

Harmonic patterns are not easy to trade because of fix and tight requirements. We have tried our best to explain these harmonic chart patterns from A to Z in a simplistic way. 

9 types of harmonic patterns

  • Harmonic Bat Pattern
  • 5-0 harmonic pattern
  • AB=CD pattern
  • Three drive harmonic pattern
  • Shark harmonic pattern
  • Butterfly harmonic pattern
  • Cipher pattern
  • Crab & Deep crab harmonic pattern
  • Gartley pattern

Harmonic Patterns Cheatsheet 

After learning all the Harmonic Patterns, you will get a harmonic pattern cheat sheet that includes all the basic details of each pattern. You can also download it in PDF, so you can keep on learning while trading. 

Why harmonic patterns are important?

The unique characteristic of harmonic patterns is that they use natural patterns, Fibonacci ratios, and fix rules or requirements. That’s why these patterns work in trading as well as are easy to trade. 

A newbie trader will find it difficult to spot harmonic patterns on the chart but with the screen time, you will master these patterns. 

We have explained harmonic patterns in a proper way from top to bottom with a pattern trading strategy. You can also become a profitable trader by following the rules explained in each article.

Remember to backtest all the harmonic patterns before trading on a live account. 

We recommend you to read all the patterns one time and then master each pattern one by one only to avoid confusion.