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How to Deposit money into MT4

Published by Ali Muhammad

MT4 means meta trader 4 and it is software owned by metaquotes. There is no option of direct money deposit in mt4. because MetaTrader 4 is a platform that is only used to do trading by opening, closing trades and for technical analysis purposes.

So, in simple words, you will not be able to deposit in the mt4 platform directly.

Money deposit criteria for mt4

To deposit money into mt4, you will need to create a broker account. Because metaquotes provide the facility to brokers to use their platform for trading purposes but adding funds and withdrawal can be done only through a broker.

Step by step procedure

  • Create live mt4 trading account at your preferred forex broker
  • In the member’s area (broker’s website), choose the ‘deposit money’ option
  • Select your preferred payment method

After depositing money, it will be added to your mt4 account instantly and you can now start trading on MetaTrader 4. Mt4 does not manage your payments, but the broker does. MT4 just provides the data related to currency pairs, stocks, futures, and many other securities. Metatrader provides the facility of execution of trades.

add money into mt4

What is the minimum deposit for mt4?

The minimum deposit in the mt4 account is $1. It mainly depends on the type of forex brokers. Some broker gives the facility of depositing $1. But mostly big brokers have a limit on minimum deposit like $50.

It also depends on the payment method you are using because, by direct bank transfer or wire transfer, the minimum deposit will be at least $100.

Most popular methods to deposit money for mt4

Here is the list of the most popular money deposit methods into your mt4 account.

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

How do I put money into my mt4 demo account?

The procedure to add money into your mt4 demo account is the following

  • Log in to your account at broker’s website
  • Click on ‘Accounts summary’ and select your demo account number
  • Select amount of money from drop down list

On the mt4 demo account, you can practice as much as you can. Some brokers also provide demo accounts for a lifetime.

How to transfer money from hugosway to MetaTrader 4?

To transfer money from hugosway wallet to mt4 account, follow the following procedure.

  • Log into your Hugosway’s account
  • Select ‘internal transfer’ tab
  • Choose transfer type ‘wallet to MT4’
  • Choose wallet type
  • Select your mt4 account and Enter amount to transfer and hit ‘Enter’

By following the above steps, you will get your money in MT4 within minutes.

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