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fair value gap indicator

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Nowadays, many traders quickly learn technical analysis strategies within a few months. However, they don’t realize that the true essence of trading lies in mastering psychology. A prime example of this is how retail traders tend to close their positions before reaching full profit due to a minor false reversal. Over 98% of traders prematurely close their trades, missing out on maximum profits. Only less than 2% manage to hold their trades longer, and these are the traders who consistently generate profits.

That’s why the Forexbee team developed a price action-based indicator designed to eliminate common yet crucial trading mistakes that prevent traders from becoming profitable.

Our aim is to provide a valuable tool to support traders on their journey to success.

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fair value gap with demand zone

There's a simple rule that applies to almost everything: Don't overcomplicate things!

That's why our innovative Fair Value Gap Indicator is so valuable

The Fair Value Gap Indicator streamlines the process of determining take-profit levels, enabling you to hold trades longer with confidence and ultimately boosting your profits.

Whether you’re a new trader with no experience or a seasoned trader striving for higher profits, our indicator can guide you toward trading success.

It doesn’t matter if you trade Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, or other assets – the Fair Value Gap Indicator is designed to work across various markets.

By spotting imbalanced zones, you can confidently hold onto trades longer until the market restores balance, maximizing your profits.

What is the origin of this Fair Value Gap indicator?

The origin of the Fair Value Gap Indicator lies in the fundamental concepts of market balance and imbalance, specifically in relation to undervalued and overvalued assets.

fair value gap example

When an asset’s price is higher than its actual worth, it’s considered overvalued. Naturally, if traders see a higher price than the real value, the asset’s price will drop to find balance.

On the other hand, when an asset’s price is lower than its true value, it’s seen as undervalued. In this case, the price will rise to achieve balance.

The core idea behind our indicator is the concept of balance and imbalance in the market. Using these principles, we’ve created a user-friendly, price-action-based tool for your trading success.

Fair Value Gap in Technical Analysis

Knowing the basic ideas of fair value gaps is important, but it’s not enough for predicting market changes. To make these ideas useful for trading, we’ve combined them with candlesticks. This way, traders can use the concepts of undervalued and overvalued assets in a more practical form. This helps them make better decisions based on the insights provided by the Fair Value Gap Indicator.

There are two types of Fair value gaps in technical analysis.

Undervalue Fair value gap

Undervalue FVG

it means that the price of a currency or financial asset is lower than its fair value. In this case, a price will increase in the future to balance this inefficiency. In technical analysis, a big bearish candlestick will show the FVG.

Overrated FVG

it means that the price of a currency or financial asset is higher than its fair value. In this case, the price will decrease to balance the inefficiency. In technical analysis, a big bullish candlestick will show the FVG.

Overrated fair value gap

To determine the FVG in technical analysis, follow the following criteria:

check signFind a huge-size candlestick with a 70% body-to-wick ratio. You should compare the candlestick size with the last 20 to 40 candlesticks.

check signNow analyze the neighboring candlesticks. Both neighboring candlesticks should not overlap the big candlestick. A minor overlap can happen on the upper and lower side of the big candlestick.

check signThe price area between the previous candlestick’s low and the next candlestick’s high will act as the fair value gap or FVG.

higher timeframe analysis

We chose the big candlestick as a parameter to determine the fair value gap because it represents price inefficiency or imbalance on the chart. Gaps often lead to a price retracement as the market seeks to fill the gap and restore balance.

By analyzing the fair value gap in depth and switching to a lower timeframe, we discovered that a large candlestick with no overlaps appears on the chart when a gap forms on a higher timeframe.

After extensive backtesting, we concluded that both concepts (the gap and the big candlestick with no overlap) essentially represent the same market phenomenon. This finding led us to develop the Fair Value Gap Indicator and configure it based on our backtesting results. The outcome proved to be highly efficient

Working Principle of the Fair Value Gap Indicator

In technical analysis, our primary goal is to locate the Fair Value Gap (FVG) zones on the chart. By trading towards these zones, we can achieve ultra-high win rates and substantial reward trades, optimizing our trading strategy for success.

Let me illustrate this with an example: In GBPJPY, the Fair Value Gap Indicator identified an overrated zone on the chart. It became evident that the current asset value was higher than the real value, and the price would soon balance itself by filling the FVG zone. Thus, we predicted a bearish direction.

draw the fair value gap zone

What’s next? We trade in the anticipated direction. In GBPJPY, we located a supply zone, opened a sell order with a stop loss above the zone, and waited for the price to fill the balance, eliminating any psychological factors that could have influenced us to close the trade prematurely. Early closures often lead to poor risk management.

find the supply zone

But, by using the Fair Value Gap Indicator, we had a clear direction and target. Upon reaching the take-profit level, we secured a 1:6 risk-reward ratio, resulting in a 12% increase in our account balance.

fair value indicator strategy

Highly Accurate Results: Fair Value Gap Indicator Examples

The Fair Value Gap Indicator delivers impressively accurate results, as the price consistently reverts to fill the gap and achieve market balance. This feature allows traders to trade without psychological concerns, enabling them to hold their trades longer for more substantial profits. Trust me, the real profits lie in adopting a strategy that involves holding trades for more extended periods.

Below are some examples to give you an idea:

Target & Direction in Trading is the Most Important!

Understanding the direction and target of market makers solves 90% of the trading puzzle. In trading, determining the future direction in which big institutions and market makers want to move the market is crucial.

For example, if you determine that market makers have a higher bullish target, your chances of winning with bullish trade setups will significantly increase. This insight also helps you hold trades without being affected by false reversals in the market

balance and imbalance state

Direction and target are vital, both in trading and real life. If you don’t know your direction and target, success becomes elusive. Knowing the future direction and target makes trading easier and more profitable.

The Fair Value Gap Indicator is an excellent choice for determining direction and target, which is its primary purpose in helping traders excel.

The Settings of the FVG Indicator are fully Customizable.

Let us show you:

fvg indicator settings

Look Back Period:

The number of candlesticks is used to determine the fair value gap. You can also change the numbers for backtesting purposes.

Body to wick ratio:

It shows the body of the fair value gap candlestick, and its optimum value is 0.6.

Fibonacci Level:

To determine the overlapping area of the fair value gap candlestick, we have used the Fibonacci level to get the most accurate fair value gap pattern.

Real-time Alerts

The indicator has a feature where you can set up alerts for any charts, and whenever the indicator detects a supply or demand zone, it will send you a real-time alert. This feature will help you stay on top of your trading.

All you need is to trade and learn from the trade

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The Fair Value Gap Indicator can be utilized across various financial markets, including Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This indicator is versatile, making it an excellent tool for traders looking to capitalize on price discrepancies in diverse markets.

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