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Subjective Analysis Based on Pure Price Action

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Build winning trading strategies with the Knowledge and Experience of those who have succeeded before you.

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Trade the Ideas of Professionals

✅ Adopt the proven techniques of Professional Traders by following them

✅ Follow and keep up with people who are trading as a full-time job

✅ Learn strategies that we have carefully developed and fine-tuned over time

It’s important to get your trading career off on the right foot.

Our signals instantly tell you when to buy or sell

We Managed to Overcome One of the Biggest Challenges Faced by Traders

One of the biggest problems Traders face is to find out a winning strategy. you might have tried many strategies. You will keep on finding the right strategy to quench your thirst for true knowledge of technical analysis and keep learning strategies from the internet without proper backtesting.

Why do people fail in finding a strategy?

❌ There are many strategies for technical analysis on the internet, but it is important to know that most of them are misleading.

❌ No Time to backtest a strategy properly.

❌ You can’t know how to do technical analysis until you’ve had some experience.

❌ If you’re a busy person, you probably won’t have enough time to look over the market for high probability opportunities.

Because we have been through this stage before, we now understand what it is like to lose money in trading. The reason most people quit is because of the psychological aspects of continuous loss.

So we thought about providing a service to save you the trouble of having to do the analysis yourself. Our fee will cover our time and resources, and we’ll charge a low price because we can use our own system.

This is why we’re offering a premium service that includes an analysis component. The price is tailored to the value of the service and there’s no additional cost.

Beginners Vs. Professionals – How They Look At Their Charts!

There is always a difference between the analysis of a beginner and a professional trader.

Let’s make things simple

For example, we want to check whether a specific currency is oversold or not on a specific timeframe.

What a beginner trader will do? He will obviously add the RSI indicator and will check either value of RSI is below 30 or not!.

But the question is what a professional trader will do?

He will know the Oversold condition just by looking at the chart without any indicator. Let’s make it clear with a live chart example

Professional Trader checks the formation of 8 lower lows consecutively that represents a long downtrend and oversold condition.

But a beginner will say it is not in oversold condition because the RSI value was at 38 not below 30 due to divergence. He will miss a great opportunity because of the wrong perception or following mathematical formulas.

The market is purely Natural you can survive by following natural patterns of the market. You can learn it only by analyzing the market daily.

We want to show you the most basic form of Technical Analysis

Many trading gurus will tell you that support and resistance are the basis of technical analysis. Some will tell you to look for trend lines, and some will say candlestick patterns are the key.

But This is Not Correct

Truth is that Supply and Demand is the basis of Technical Analysis in Trading

In general, Supply means more sellers than buyers and Demand means more buyers than sellers.

After years of experience and screen time, we have learned some unique things about supply and demand in technical analysis. Our technical analysis of supply and demand is unique because we’ve accumulated experience over the years.

This allows us to develop strategies that are more reliable than the ones available to the general public.

How Market Works in Technical Analysis?

Market move from one base zone to another zone. Big Banks and institutional traders drive the market from one zone to another zone.

This act of institutional traders gives rise to fresh supply and demand zones. These zones act as footprints of institutions. We use these zones to drive the market with big banks and institutional traders.

Let’s show you how a supply and demand zone looks like.

Sorry! We are not teaching you here. We are just trying to give you a glimpse of the main working principle of the market in technical analysis

Some Glimpses of Premium Educational Posts Shared in Group

Save Your Time!

Instead of spending time every day testing different strategies, spend time learning what you need to know to become a profitable trader.

Trade and Learn like a Pro Trader

The Best and Unique Signal Service

Unlike other signal services who say whatever they want, we show our clients the proof – including a record of results and success stories.

The unique thing in signal service is that we don’t share signals in the written form just by saying buy at this and sell at that level.

We share signal after by proper analysis. So, you know about the logic of a signal generated by Pro Traders.

We share a proper Breakdown analysis of each trade on the weekend So you can learn and improve your trading abilities.

Educational Posts are shared two times a week. Educational Posts include our viewpoints, experience, and Tips & Tricks.

The Amazing concept we have recently introduced in this service is to ask a pro trader for an analysis of a currency pair.

Story Time…

Let’s Assume, James has subscribed to the ForexBee Premium Signal Service. He is happy to get the environment of Pro traders. Now, he wants to ask a question or want a pro trader to do an analysis of a specific currency for him. Then he needs to message us on telegram and he will get a proper analysis of that currency pair. Simple is that.

Isn’t it going to cost me a fortune to obtain access to anything like this?

Well, keep reading…

How will you get Trading Sginal?

All the Signals, educational posts are shared in a Telegram group.

If you don’t have a telegram, you can install a telegram application on mobile and desktop to join the signal group.

You will get a notification of the trade signal in no time.

All you need is to trade the signal and learn from the trade

Example of a trade signal based on price action that was shared in telegram group




It was a chart pattern (Quasimodo pattern).

We identified the trend reversal and reversal chart patterns. Both were forecasting the same direction.

Then we looked for a target. Our target was the origin of imbalance in price action. After determining the trend reversal and target level, we waited for the price to retrace to the left shoulder level, So the price can pick unfilled orders and balance itself by reaching the target.

This is how you will learn and trade in a single channel.

A comprehensive format of Trading Signals

We want you to learn the reason behind every trade signal. It will prepare you to trade on a live account without any fear and will improve your trading psychology.

trading signal format

Not only this! you will get entry, stop-loss, and take-profit price in the telegram post. Check the telegram channel post format along with complete analysis.

These Proven Services will give you Powerful Trading Edge… We GUARANTEE IT!

Our mission is to make the biggest community of Pro Traders and help the new traders to achieve their dreams.

And the response is incredible!


Special thanks to all of the traders. We are here just because of you. It is not easy to start a service with such a type of effort but we do it daily for you.

In every field of life, everyone is not successful in life/trading but only those who are persistent in their efforts. we have paid for many things to build a service like this.

Obviously, a Sole Trader will not be able to afford such kind of learning/trading environment in a single channel. But we have done it for you.

We decided to keep the price of this service as low as possible and that is $12 per month. We want all the traders to learn and trade like professional traders.

Low Cost $59 per month

Yes!! Only $12 per month to get this Amazing Service. This will help us to overcome service maintenance costs and let us keep on improving this signal service.

We hope that All Forex and Crypto traders will be able to afford this price to subscribe to the channel to become better traders.

Plant a hope for future with ForexBee

Besides trading ForexBee is also playing its part in the restoration of trees.

That’s why we proudly pledge to plant one tree for each subscription. With your help and in partnership with #teamtrees we look forward to creating a better future for ourselves and our next generations.

Price Plans

Make sure you select a plan that fits your needs and commitments.

  • Standard
    $ 24 / 2 months
  • Forex | Major Crypto Pairs | Gold | Oil
  • MT4 Auto Lot size Script
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  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • PLUS
    $ 60 / 6 months
  • Forex | Major Crypto Pairs | Gold | Oil
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  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • Premium
    $ 110 / year
  • Forex | Major Crypto Pairs | Gold | Oil
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  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Invest in Yourself. Your Career is the Engine of Your Wealth


This Service is for you only if

✅ You have a dream to become a Professional Price Action Trader

✅ You cannot sit in front of the screen all the time to look for trade opportunities.

✅ You have a busy daily life routine. No time to backtest different strategies.

✅ You want to improve your trading

This Service is not for you if

❌ You are looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme to become rich overnight

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the signals and education is for forex only?

This service includes all forex pairs, major crypto pairs, Gold, and Oil.

How can I join the Premium Telegram channel?

After subscription, you will be added to the telegram channel within 24 hours.

Can I get a refund?

We are not offering a refund for this service. Because you cannot return the educational posts you will get in the telegram channel. That’s why we are not accepting refunds at this time.

Do you offer swing or intraday signals?

You will get a swing, intraday, and position signals. Both include high risk and low risk.

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