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NZDCHF Analysis && EURJPY Analysis

Published by Ali Muhammad
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Forex Technical Analysis by Ali Muhammad-

Nov 2nd 2020 – Nov 6th, 2020

NZDCHF Analysis:  Looking to buy from the below-demand zone between 61 and 78 Fibonacci levels.

Trend:  Trend Reversal on the break of last lower High in NZDCHF.

Trade Idea:  NZDCHF was retracing downward from 1st September. it was in a clear bearish trend due to four consecutive lower lows. Recently due to a massive upward move and break of the last lower high, the trend has been reversed. Now we will look for a bullish entry instead of a bearish one. The first point in forex technical analysis is to look for a clear trend a trend reversal. Look for a clean environment instead of a choppy market.

As the trend has been reversed now we will look for a bullish entry. A good entry needs a good price. here come supply and demand zones to pick an entry from pinpoint with minimum drawdown. if you don’t know about the supply and demand zone then click here.

Fibonacci levels 68 and 78 can also be used for precise entry but sometimes you will miss your entry that’s why the supply and demand zone plays an essential role in technical analysis. I have drawn the Demand zone in the chart as well as FTR. Price has chances of reversal from FTR but we have to follow risk management also so be patient for the best price to enter. Look below in the chart.

Here is the NZDCHF analysis.

NZDCHF analysis

EURJPY Analysis:  Looking to buy from the below demand zone

Trend:  Overall Trend is Bullish. Price has been oversold as well with consecutive lower lows on the lower timeframe.

Trade Idea:  EURJPY has been retracing towards the demand zone. The main confluence here is that a strong key level is coming on the way which has the ability to reverse the price. The fresh Demand zone has added more power to the key support level. there are high chances of reversal in price.

in the EURJPY analysis either you can wait for a pin bar / engulfing candle and then entry or direct entry from the demand zone. if you want to ask how many confluences are needed for the best setup then your answer is that clear a setup with at least three confluence will be the best one. Do not go to pick more setups just pick setups with a clear view and with mental satisfaction without any confusion.

I will prefer one good setup in a month instead of 10 poor setups with no improvement in knowledge as well as an emotional disturbance.

Here is the EURJPY analysis.

EURJPY Analysis

Less is More

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Note: All the viewpoints here are according to the rules of technical analysis. we are not responsible for any type of loss in forex trading.

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