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We’re here to provide you with an easier and more effective way of trading price action.

Price Action Trading

We believe that learning the way of institutional traders is the key to success in trading. After spending a lot of time in trading, we know the difficulties that retail traders face in their trading careers.

Usually, retail traders spend at least one year just to become familiar with the technical analysis. In the next years, he loses money in trading; in the third year, most retail traders give up. It does not mean they lack technical analysis knowledge, but they lack trading methods, psychology, and risk management. The habit of skipping or changing strategies after loss is a major drawback.

Here at ForexBee, we’ve tried our best to deliver what we have learnt from our years of experience. We have simplified things to tackle risk management and trading psychology. Besides this, our team will also be available to help you in trading.

Our Services

Supply & Demand Indicator

Discover Hidden Opportunities with Supply & Demand Indicator

Our SnD indicator, Masterclass, and other resources give you the tools you need to leverage the FULL power of Supply and Demand in your trading. The Supply & Demand Indicator is not based on formulas or math tricks; it works based on the laws of nature. Every single thing in nature follows the core concepts of Supply & Demand. This indicator comes with:

Video Guide Bundle: we’ll show you how to use the supply and demand indicator in simple yet powerful ways to help you trade more successfully
Ultimate PDF Ebook: The PDF Guide is designed for traders to help them understand supply and demand analysis.
Psychological indicator: The Psychological indicator will help you in holding a trade for longer to extract as much profit as possible from a trade.

Monthly Fee:

$49 (30 Days Moneyback guarantee)

Price Plans:

fair value gap indicator

Fair Value Gap Indicator

Stop wasting time on non-professional Fancy indicators

Our Fair Value Gap Indicator streamlines the process of determining take-profit levels, enabling you to confidently hold trades longer and ultimately boost your profits.

Whether you’re a new trader with no experience or a seasoned trader striving for higher profits, our indicator can guide you toward trading success.

Video Guide Bundle: we’ll show you how to trade with the fair value gap indicator.
FVG Trading strategy: We have also provided a proven trading strategy so you can just learn and start trading.

Monthly Fee:

$39 (30 Days Moneyback guarantee)

Price Plans:

Order Block Indicator

Discover the Smart Money with the Order Block Indicator

Our OB indicator shows you the Footprints of market makers and Big Institutions allowing you to trade with price trends. our new order block indicator, which gives you the exact location of market makers on chart so that you don’t have to search blindly in the dark. With this new indicator, finding footprints has never been easier!

One Time Fee:

$79 (30 Days Moneyback guarantee)

Candlestick Patterns Course

The Ultimate Candlestick Patterns Course That Will Help You To Trade Better

With years of experience in candlestick patterns, our team is ready to teach you the skills needed to take full advantage of candlestick patterns in trading. With this course, you will be able to find High Probability Candlestick Patterns on the price chart. it also includes:

Candlestick Patterns indicator: This indicator will identify the key levels and then automatically finds the candlestick patterns that form on the key levels to get high winning rate.
Bonus Videos: It includes the video course related to strategies and other tips.

One Time Fee:

$79 (30 Days Moneyback guarantee)

What makes us different

Price Action

All our indicators & Courses are purely based on Price Action.

Natural Behaviour

We analyse the repetitive behavior of market and then forecast.

No Fancy/Mathematical indicator

we do not make indicators based on simple or complex math formulas.

Experienced Traders

All our services are provided by experienced traders those who have years of experience related to trading.

Hear from Happy Customers

“I’ve been using the supply and demand indicator and honestly it’s all you need. i am impressed with the High-risk reward trades that this indicator generates. Thanks for doing a great job!.”

-JJ Everidge

“ForexBee is much more than just a forex service provider. They provide a lot of helpful tools and indicators. They listed to the community and i’m really impressed with the recent indicator update.”

-Chris Medved

“I just updated my subscription after using the monthly plan. Whatsapp chat service is really awesome. i am so glad that i can talk to experts for help in trading.”

- Samantha

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