Forex Compounding Calculator

Calculate the compounding interest of your monthly and annual profit in trading.

Investment Compounding Calculator

Invested amount : Your initial investment
Annual Contribution: Optional
Interest rate: % Return on investment (Interest)
Number of years:
Compounding percentage: % reinvested profits


A calculator that determines trading account growth using compounding interest on each trade in forex is called the forex compounding calculator.

Use our compounding gains calculator to forecast yearly trading progress reports.


The formula used in our compounding calculator is

A = P(1+r)t

In this formula

  • A = Ending account balance
  • P = Starting Balance
  • r = Monthly profit percentage
  • t = Number of months

Learn about the forex compounding plan

How to use compounding calculator?

Usage of the forex compound calculator is very simple. Just three inputs

Enter starting account balance

Enter starting account balance

Enter monthly profit percentage

Enter monthly profit percentage

Choose Number of months

Choose Number of months