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Forex trading has huge potential benefits, but also a strong potential risk. You ought to be mindful of the dangers. Don’t trade with money that you can’t afford to lose, particularly with leveraged instruments such as forex trading. The historical success of any trading system or strategy does not always predict potential outcomes. You could lose all the money easily due to: bad stock pricing conditions, technical mistake, emotional error, news shocks, and revenue reports. By signing up for a membership, you agree that we do not offer investment advice and that you make a decision to copy our trades on your own account. We have no idea of the amount of money you exchange with or the extent of risk you take with each trade. In this respect, the sums charged for the use of our signals cannot be refunded. You have to make your own financial decisions, we don’t take any blame for the money you’ve made or missed as a result of any signals or suggestions on products related to forex on this website.

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This website does not give any financial advice and any information here is just for educational purposed. Any idea posted here is just personal opinion (not financial advice and not any law of country of institute). Forexbee does not provide any investment services and is not any financial advisor. Forexbee does not guarantee about profit. Future results cannot guarantee profit. Responsibility is yours either loss or profit in trades.  Warranties of accuracy are not implied here but we believe that all the information or posted results are correct and reliable. Forexbee is not responsible for action taken by user to select broker listed on this website. All the information about institutions related to forex trading or any other company are for informational only. On our website, any scores, ratings, posters, reviews or other details contained with each of the above listed organisations shall be given in a purely impartial manner and in compliance with the best possible reflection of the content on the company’s official website. Forex trading is not suitable for all investors because of high risk level. Past results on our website does not guarantee any future results. Neither is Forexbee neither its members shall guarantee the authenticity of the material presented on this Platform. You specifically accept that viewing, following and using this site is at your own risk.

  • High level risks are involved in trading
  • High leveraged products can result in quick loss
  • All the recommendations listed on our website comes from personal judgement of the author
  • On the weekend, opened positions cannot be closed
  • Any technical issue, Software or hardware failure or connectivity issues can happen in internet trading. We are not responsible for any type of loss due to these issues.


The products will be given “as they are.” Forexbee May not cover assurances about the usefulness and availability of knowledge. Any loss or damage due to defect, deletion, omission and disruption is not part of warranties offer by us.  Forexee is not responsible for any failure in transmission, failure in network, malware dailure or any other such failure. We will not add you to premium group until verification of payment from subscriber. We are not responsible for any type of incidental damage due to unavailability of service. Forex signal service by forexbee is non-refundable due to virtual digital product. According to terms and conditions, we have full right to remove you from premium telegram group if you are found copying our signals or posting in other groups.

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