Synthetic Indices Calculator

The synthetic indices calculator is a tool for calculating the pip value of synthetic indices. Synthetic indices are the simulation of real-world market conditions. Computer programs control these indices. We have designed this calculator to calculate the pip value in US Dollars.

How to use the synthetic indices calculator

  1. Select the synthetic index you want to trade from the drop-down menu. The available options are:
    • Volatility Index 10 (V10)
    • Volatility Index 25 (V25)
    • Volatility Index 50 (V50)
    • Volatility Index 75 (V75)
    • Volatility Index 100 (V100)
    • Crash 10 Index (CRASH10)
    • Crash 25 Index (CRASH25)
    • Boom 1000 Index (BOOM1000)
    • Step Index (STEP INDEX)
    • Jump Index (JUMP INDEX)
    • Range Break Index (RANGEBREAK1000)
    • Bull Market Index (BULLMARKET)
    • Bear Market Index (BEARMARKET)
  2. Enter the trading volume you want to use in the “Volume” field. This represents the number of contracts you want to trade.
  3. Enter the point value of the synthetic index in the “Point Value” field. This represents the value of a single point movement in the synthetic index.
  4. Click the calculate button to see the pip value in dollars.

Results and formula

The result field will display the pip value of the selected synthetic index. This is the amount you will gain or lose for every pip movement in the synthetic index.

The synthetic indices calculator uses the following formula:

Pip value = Trading volume * Point value * Contract size

For example, if point value is 0.01, trading volume is 1 and contract size is 10 then the pip value will be 0.10 US Dollars.