Forex Lot Size Calculator

Forex Lot Size Calculator calculates the required position size depending on your currency pair, risk level (percentage or money), and pips stop loss. Calculate Standard, Mini, and Micro lot size.

Risk Management Tip

If you have a strategy with a high risk-reward ratio return like at least 1:4, 1:5, or more then you can apply this tip.

For example, you have a $1000 balance in your mt4 account, then split the $1000 account into 10 smaller accounts of $100 each. On every setup, Sell or Buy with full margin and close 0.75% of the trade at 1:4 and keep the rest of the trade running like set and forget. You can use the forex lot size calculator to calculate the proper lot size for an account. One winning trade of 1:4 RR will return you $400 or more just in a single trade. Two winning trades and two losing trades in a month will return you at least $600 from a $1000 account. This risk management technique is only for advanced traders with a proper strategy and always apply it on demo before using it on a real account because practice makes a man perfect.

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