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Best Pine Script Ai Tool for Traders

Published by Ali Muhammad
Feature of Pinewizards AiDetail
Focus on Pine ScriptDeveloped for creating scripts on TradingView.
Easy for BeginnersSimplifies script writing, no deep coding needed.
Useful for Strategies and IndicatorsGood for both trading strategies and indicators.
Learning ResourcesOffers guides and videos to learn Pine Script.
Community SupportStrong support network for troubleshooting and tips.
Overall Rating5 out of 5 – Highly effective for Pine Script users.

My Personal Journey with Pine Script AI

As a trader, I’m always on the lookout for tools that streamline my work. PineWizards AI caught my attention as a solution to automate and simplify my daily trading tasks. One of my primary goals was to set up alerts for pin bar candlesticks during the post-London session opening, a key but time-intensive activity.

My initial experience with PineWizards AI was impressive. The tool easily automated these alerts, providing accurate and reliable notifications. This not only saved me time but also significantly improved my trading efficiency, allowing me to focus more on strategy and less on constant market monitoring.

PineWizards AI proved to be a valuable asset in my trading toolkit, enhancing decision-making and market analysis with its AI-driven capabilities.

What is PineWizards AI?

PineWizards AI is an AI tool that simplifies creating programs in the Pine Script language for traders. It’s designed for those who want to build their own trading indicators and strategies easily.

How it Works:

  • Traders can use PineWizards AI to make their own trading tools by just typing in commands. They don’t need to know a lot about coding. The AI understands these commands and creates the Pine Script code for them.

Its Role for Traders:

  • This tool is really useful for traders who want to automate their daily trading tasks. It can handle things that traders usually do manually, saving them a lot of time and effort.

In short, PineWizards AI makes it much easier for traders to create and use their own custom trading tools without needing to be experts in programming.

Example of PineWizards AI in Use

Imagine you’re a trader wanting to create a custom indicator for when a stock’s price rises above its 30-day moving average, indicating a potential buying opportunity.

Using PineWizards AI: You input a simple request: “Create an indicator for when a stock’s price goes above its 30-day moving average.”

PineWizards AI Output: The tool processes your request and generates the following Pine Script code:

study("30-Day MA Crossover", shorttitle="30DMA", overlay=true)
price = close
length = 30
ma = sma(price, length)
plot(ma, color=color.blue, title="30 Day Moving Average")
crossover = crossover(price, ma)
plotshape(series=crossover, title="Buy Signal", location=location.belowbar, color=color.green, style=shape.labelup, text="BUY")

This script creates an indicator on a chart that not only plots the 30-day moving average but also marks points where the stock’s closing price crosses above this average with a “BUY” signal. This automation by PineWizards AI simplifies the programming process, making it accessible for traders who may not have in-depth coding skills.

Key features

PineWizards AI offers a unique and innovative solution for traders looking to utilize Pine Script for their trading strategies on the TradingView platform.

Here’s a breakdown of its key features in a table:

FeatureSimple Explanation
AI-Powered ScriptingTurns what you say into Pine Script code. Good for making your own trading tools without needing to code.
Easy CommandsJust tell the tool what you need in easy language, and it makes the code for you.
Ready-to-Use CodeThe code it makes can be used right away in TradingView, so you can see how it works live.
Learning HelpOffers guides and tips to help you get better at Pine Script, useful for both new and experienced traders.
Different PlansHas various plans to choose from, depending on how much you want to use it.
Designed for UsersKeeps your data safe and uses the latest AI technology. You can stop your subscription any time.

This table gives you a clear idea of what PineWizards AI does, especially if you’re into trading and want to make your own strategies without getting into the complicated parts of coding.

Pricing: Is PineWizards AI Worth the Money?

PineWizards AI has three simple pricing options:

  1. Basic Plan: $9/month
    • Good for solo traders.
    • Lets you turn your ideas into Pine Script.
    • You get 12,000 tokens for AI help.
  2. Plus Plan: $47/month
    • More tokens (80,000) for more scripting.
    • Better support for your needs.
  3. Premium Plan: $89/month
    • For traders who use it a lot.
    • Highest token count (165,000) for big projects.

In Short: PineWizards AI is worth it if you want to make trading scripts easily, without needing to code. Choose a plan based on how much you’ll use it. The more you use it, the higher plan you might need.

When Not to Use AI Tools in Trading

AI tools in trading, like PineWizards AI, are helpful, but there are times when they might not be the best choice:

  1. Very Complex Strategies:
    • If you have a really complex trading plan, AI tools might not get it right the first time. They’re good for simple stuff but can struggle with complicated systems.
  2. Need for Basic Coding Knowledge:
    • To build a complex strategy using AI, you should know some basics of coding. This way, you can mix different pieces the AI gives you into a more advanced strategy.
  3. Personal Preference for Semi-Manual Trading:
    • I prefer to keep the major decision-making in my hands. This approach balances efficiency with personalized control over trading activities. They’re great for cutting down screen time by automating routine tasks.

So, AI tools are great for saving time on basic tasks, but you should not wholy rely on trading bots. A semi manual trading system is the best choice.

Why Choose PineWizards AI Over Other AI Tools?

Selecting PineWizards AI over other AI tools for Pine Script programming comes with distinct advantages, especially for traders looking to enhance their trading strategies on TradingView. Here’s why PineWizards AI stands out:

  1. Expertise in Pine Script:
    • PineWizards is run by experts who specialize in Pine Script programming. This deep knowledge translates into a more effective and tailored AI tool for trading needs.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Resources:
    • They offer a wide range of free learning materials on their website and YouTube channel. These resources are invaluable for anyone looking to understand Pine Script and its applications in trading.
  3. Developed by Traders, for Traders:
    • PineWizards AI isn’t just a generic tool; it’s developed by people who understand trading inside out. This means the tool is designed to address real-world trading challenges and needs.
  4. Community and Support:
    • Being part of a community of traders and developers can be incredibly beneficial. With PineWizards AI, you’re not just using a tool; you’re joining a community where you can share insights, strategies, and get support.


PineWizards AI is a great tool for TradingView users. It makes Pine Script coding easy for all traders, whether you’re new or experienced. MT4 and MT5 users can use it too.

it’s highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their trading scripts and save time. Give it a try and enhance your trading strategy development!

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